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Lisa, Office Manager

team lisa Dental Innovation Mesa, AZ

Lisa studied dentistry at Crest Wood Academy. Today, she’s been working in this field for an amazing 30+ years! As our dedicated dental office manager, she goes the extra mile to create long-lasting relationships with each patient.

Lisa is married with two children and four grandchildren. Outside of working hours, she enjoys hiking, going on mission trips, practicing photography, hanging out with the grandkids, and showing off her dance moves.

Lillian, Admin

dr lillian Dental Innovation Mesa, AZ

Lillian’s dental career spans well over five years so far. She makes sure that she goes above and beyond for each patient that comes in because that’s how she would want to be treated if the positions were reversed! She also loves it when she’s checking someone out following their appointment and they share personal stories with her. It just goes to show how comfortable they feel here at Dental Innovations.

When she isn’t at work, Lillian enjoys painting/drawing, reading health books, playing tennis, and going hiking (when it’s not too hot out). She’s also quadrilingual! She’s fluent in both Greek and English and additionally speaks New-Aramaic and Arabic.

Esther, Front Office

team Esther Dental Innovation Mesa, AZ

Esther’s career in dentistry spans almost 20 years so far, and her love of helping others makes her a great fit for our dental office! She’s proud to be part of a team that is constantly learning in order to give patients the best care possible. She studied at PIMA Medical Institute and is currently pursuing her Associates in Applied Sciences from Mesa Community College.

Esther is married with two children. Outside of the dental office, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and riding her mountain bike. She’s used it to travel all over Arizona!

Javier, Dental Hygienist

Javier has been working in the dental field for nearly two full decades now. He has a background in dental laboratory work, as well as his Associates in Dental Hygiene, certificate for dental assisting, and local anesthesia license. Today, what he enjoys most about his role is making sure each patient is pleased with the care they receive, as well as working with such an outstanding staff. Everyone is always so helpful!

Javier and his wife Denise have two children named Elizabeth and Diego. When he has free time away from work, he enjoys working on cars, traveling to see the ocean as much as possible, cooking, and (of course) being with his loved ones.

Janet, Dental Hygienist

team Janet Dental Innovation Mesa, AZ

Janet studied at the Phoenix College Dental Hygiene School, and she also has advanced training in laser dentistry and smile design. Today, her dental career impressively spans over 30 years! Her top priority is building relationships with patients over time. She enjoys educating them and motivating them when it comes to the importance of oral health. She also loves all of the other team members – coming to work is easy!

Janet has four beautiful children, and she’s about to become a grandparent for the first time too. Away from the dental office, she loves doing just about anything that involves the outdoors, such as running, hiking, walking, going to the lake, sitting at the beach, and visiting her family’s cabin in the mountains.

Lauren, Dental Hygienist

Lauren has been a member of our dental office for well over 15 years now. As one of our hygienists, she loves helping people and working alongside such talented team members every day! She attended Northern Arizona University and is certified in laser dentistry and local anesthesia.

Lauren grew up with all sisters; today, she has four daughters of her own! When she isn’t busy at work, one of her favorite hobbies is hiking. Some of her recent big hikes include the Half Dome, the Grand Canyon, and Angels Landing. She also enjoys playing pickleball and reading.

Kelsey, Dental Hygienist

Kelsey studied at Northern Arizona University and also completed her EFDA certification in 2020. Today, what she enjoys most about her work is being able to generate genuine smiles in her patients by helping them connect with their oral health.

At home, Kelsey is married with three children. The only thing she loves more than teeth is chocolate! She can often be found organizing, cleaning, or decorating her house.

Vonda, Dental Hygienist

Vonda’s dental career covers nearly 30 years, and she feels proud to have many loyal, dedicated patients who have followed her career around the valley since 1995! She attended the dental hygiene program at William Rainy Harper College and also has her local anesthesia certification.

Vonda is married to a wonderful husband and has four beautiful stepdaughters, along with three adorable grandchildren. Outside of working hours, she spends as much time with her family as possible, which includes her sister, nephews, and 91-year-old mother! She also enjoys traveling, lounging at the swimming pool, taking her dogs for long walks, and indulging her interest in Forensic Investigative Techniques.

Kelsey, Dental Hygienist

team Keisy Dental Innovation Mesa, AZ

Keisy has been a part of our dental office for well over five years so far, and she really enjoys seeing the satisfaction on patients’ faces once their dental work is complete! She was trained on the job and has training in OSHA, HIPAA, CPR, and X-rays.

Keisy is the oldest of four siblings and was raised by a single mom. She also has four dogs named after food: Bagel, Taco, Pickle, and Nacho. When she isn’t busy at the dental office, you can usually find her dancing (hip-hop, swing, contemporary – you name it), hiking, or serving in the children’s ministry at her church.

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