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Why Choose Dental Innovations for Replacing Missing Teeth?


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Dental Bridges

Looking to replace multiple consecutive teeth? Dental bridges are a quick and effective solution for those with moderate tooth loss. Your existing adjacent teeth act as an anchor for your bridge, which means we minimally modify these teeth much like we would for a dental crown. This ensures the bridge does not shift out of place while chewing food or practicing oral care. When creating your bridge, our restorative dental experts will make sure that it’s highly personalized to you and blends in naturally with your smile.


If you want to replace several teeth on opposite sides of your mouth or an entire arch, dentures are an effective and affordable option to consider. Dentures have been used by many for literally hundreds and even thousands of years, but the denture you receive today is sure to feel more comfortable and look more natural than what you’d see in a museum! Over a series of appointments, your denture will be customized to fit the overall shape of your mouth and look natural thanks to gum-colored and tooth-colored materials.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer multiple solutions all at the same time thanks to their versatility. They work to replace the crown and the root, which means that they sit underneath gum tissue and integrate with the jaw bone. What’s fantastic about their use is they can even be combined with dental bridges or dentures to provide a stronger foundation, all without modifying existing teeth along the way. It also makes tooth replacement more cost-effective, despite their higher upfront price tag.

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